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Now, in times of worldwide business every minute counts. Increasingly people do not employ workers to work in their companies, they like to employ freelancers. The freelancers have to finish the task in specific deadline and sometimes they must work with other freelancers or people from regular companies. Those are the reason why there is much time tracking software available on the marketplace.

One of the most well-known times tracking software is named trello . Trello has been developed by Fog Creek Computer programmes and it was 1st published on 13th September 2011. The 1 of the most significant creators of the time tracking computer programmes is Joel Spolsky.


Autor: Christiaan Colen

Let’s look closer on the Trello time tracking computer programmes. It is easy to use software which makes better us to improve our business and everyday life. The programme is established on cards where you write down your thoughts, your current activities, your ideas and jobs which are suppose to be completed soon. It is possible to put a lot of data on the card. You can put there: dates, checklists, attachments, comments and others. It is user’s personal cards so it is important to make it that way to meet your expectations. Furthermore, Trello offers team work with your workmates. You can do the same works in the same point of time on the same page. Trello develops exchange of ideas between your fellow workers. More software house international .

Trello is 21st c. software which has influential characteristics. Some of them are:Disaster-proof – even when you shut the cards, you can get them back and do not lose your information. Space to yourself – the stored data is secured and is saved as personal.Availability- you are able to use Trello no matter which device you use. Trello works on smallest smartphones and large PC’ screens. It is a big convenient, because you can use the software wherever you are.

Other great advantageous of applying Trello is money. Trello is gratis software. As the authors promises it is not going to change. It is brilliant news for every users but also for those who would like to start applying this time tracking computer programmes.