Intercontinental flights – how to get ready for journey?

Since several, last years flights to North America became much less costly, that is why much more passengers can buy it. If you’re planning a trip to United States you need to prepare really well, cause this will be different type of journey.


Autor: Masaru Kamikura
Which docuMENts you need to collect? What items would be useful at the plane? And what to do with boredom at area of airplane?
Before you start to think of booking the flight you’ve to get a journey visa to USA. This is very important document, without it you wouldn’t be allowed to enter the borders of that land. Poland is one of some countries in EU that need to have it in US. To collect your visa, you have to reserve an interview with American consul first, it could be remotely. You can choose Warsaw or Cracow but don’t forget, that this interview will be face-to-face. When you have good labor and no criminal record, it’s nice chance that you wouldn’t have any issUE to get Your visa. But don’t buy flight tickets earlier, visa would be valid for entire year, it should be enough to localize decent offer.
Next important thing before Your journey to the States is to prepare for a road. Intercontinental flights are really uncomfortable and sometimes also risky. For at least 12 hours you will be dwelling in one posture, therefore some blood cloths could appear in Your veins. To avoid situation like that remember to take longer walk just before the flight, and remember to get up regularly while siting on board.

Another issue in time of long distance flights is boredom. If you like to enjoy it more, remember to pack any entertainment into the bag. It may be interesting book, fancy magazine, or maybe laptop with nice TV series.